Kingdom Tower

The next building attempting to pierce the atmosphere is to be located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, aptly named Kingdom Tower. This will be the $1.2 billion centerpiece and the first construction phase of Kingdom City near the Red Sea. It would stand 3,280 feet high (1km or 1,000 metres), and sit 200 metres deep.

A project by Advances Construction Technology Services (ATS), the resources required to build its structure would require half a million cubic metres of concrete, and 80,000 tonnes of steel, a portion of which, attributed to the material in which the construction worker’s nerves must be made of operating at those heights. Of the 200 floors, 160 will be habitable, and the total gross area of the building will be 5.7 million square feet.

The title for the current tallest structure in the world belongs to Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, and knowing that Middle Eastern royalty are to never be outdone, Kingdom Tower will be 568 feet taller.

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