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Canada Hits Population Milestone

Despite concerns following the banking turmoil that higher borrowing rates could make matters worse, the Federal Reserve raised its key interest rate by a quarter point on Wednesday. Any talk of rate increases has now turned to talk about rate…

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The Portal excessive exuberance

Excessive Exuberance

As covered in last week’s market update, the sales slump continues as we head into the winter months, with a decline of 45% in Greater Vancouver. Sales are also flat in the Fraser Valley where only 901 properties exchanged hands—a…

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Spire Landing Canada's Largest Passive House

Canada’s Largest Passive House

Spire Landing—Canada's largest passive house by Spire Development—is a 5 storey wood-frame purpose-built rental complex located in Vancouver East fronting Fraser Street, in the heart of South Vancouver. Spire Landing was built under the City of Vancouver's Rental 100 program (also known as the Secured Rental Policy), which creates a city-wide policy to encourage the construction of new buildings where 100% of the residential area is secured rental housing.
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