Green Roofs

Pictured above is the green roof on the Trump International Hotel and Tower Vancouver. It appears no detail has been overlooked, which is to be expected when the market value of its residential units is $1,600+/sqft. Providing a view of something more aesthetically pleasing than your typical tar and gravel roof, living rooftops also have many functional… Continue reading Green Roofs

Airbnb Regulations

A recent meetup brought together Vancouver’s Airbnb community, hosted by Aaron Zifkin (Regional Director – Americas Operations) and Alex Dagg (Public Policy Manager, Canada). The event was geared toward shedding some light on where the regulations stand when it comes to listing your place on the company’s website, which currently has more than 2 million listings… Continue reading Airbnb Regulations

Stanley Park

Vancouver’s 400 hectare urban oasis, Stanley Park, was recently voted the number one park in the world according to Trip Advisor, a travel website that receives 50 million+ monthly unique visitors, and millions of user reviews; 6,300+ of which were positively attributed to Vancouver’s most revered natural habitat by visitors from around the world.


“It will be like living in an idea.” – Urban Design Panel Words expressed by the Urban Design Panel regarding 777 – 795 West 41st Ave., where Arno Matis Architecture’s Aperture development is located along the Cambie Corridor. The structure, much like the 6th and Willow townhouse complex, possesses an architectural presence that welcomely deviates from the standard… Continue reading Aperture

Gastown 1905 to 2014

As Vancouver’s original Downtown founded in 1867, Gastown survived a period of decline and disrepair following the 1960s, today known as a tourist and commercial hub, and home to a number of the city’s most prominent high-tech businesses and startups.

Vancouver’s West End Gentrification

“Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts.” – Arnold Bennett It’s one of the most densely populated neighborhoods in Western Canada, comprising 35% of Downtown Vancouver’s peninsula, and with the City under significant development pressure, its existing residential and commercial stock is undergoing a substantial turnover. The concern: does… Continue reading Vancouver’s West End Gentrification

Laneway Housing

Kohn Shnier Architects

Although typically classified under names such as coach houses, infill housing, and granny flats, Laneway House (LWH) is a great densification initiative that can provide many benefits for both the land owner and tenant. Made official in late 2009, the Council adopted regulations that would allow for Laneway Houses to be built on RS (single-family)… Continue reading Laneway Housing