I am a real estate specialist, software developer, startup founder, writer, and martial artist. An avid student of entrepreneurship and stoic philosophy. Nomadic, minimalist, curious, and resourceful.

You can connect with me on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Email.

Adam Naamani

Real Estate Specialist

I studied Urban Land Economics and the Bachelor of Business in Real Estate at the University of British Columbia, which led to a career as an independent contractor in real property valuation where I covered an aggregate of over $1.6 billion throughout the Lower Mainland. Prior to that, I had my hand in fix ‘n flips, land acquisition, and construction finishing.

Software Developer

After reading the Millionaire Fastlane, my curiosity led me to learning everything about web business. If you are in real estate long enough, you typically find your way into tech, as there is a slew of pain points across all facets. It was the right entry point to begin a journey of using technology to solve real-world problems. Building consumer facing websites is one of the greatest joys—to make an impact by providing value at scale.

Self-taught in programming starting with humble roots in PHP, to finding programmer happiness with Rails, modern front-ends with React, spatially enabled databases like Postgres, and Python for machine learning. There is a lot of uncertainty in business, but the knowledge and relationships that persist, and what you become in the process, are what I consider most important.

I keep a repository of my notes in a handbook on Github.


Starting this company was the genesis of my life’s work. I am happiest when pursuing Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGs) with smart, driven people that share a common vision. I took a prototype I built from the ground up, into the Vancouver accelerator Launch Academy where I formed the team and company.

Resider Inc. was federally incorporated in February 2013. The name originated from the desire to put the power of information into the homebuyer’s hands. It was a modern real estate search engine designed to remedy information asymmetry and provide transparency to the Canadian market.


Writing has been a constant throughout all of my endeavours. I have worked with writers through outsourcing, wrote copy for digital marketing, and guest posted on urbanism and proptech publications. I write on this blog to document breakthroughs, learnings, experiments, and travels, that would benefit others through evergreen content—as a way to pay it forward. An outlet to showcase and promote urbanism, real estate, proptech, photography, and open-source software.

Martial Artist

I began my martial arts journey in the traditional forms of Tae Kwon Do and Karate during my childhood. While not considered the most effective forms of combat, it instilled discipline, respect, confidence, and integrity. I went on to earn a black belt in Jeet Kune Do street self-defense in Bermuda, when my love for the arts really took hold—combining the different styles of wing-chun kung fu, western boxing, and grappling. After I moved back to BC, I trained in pankration, jiu-jitsu, wrestling, and kickboxing—competing in grappling and no-holds-barred tournaments in the bantamweight division.

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