3681 Sunset Lane

The Sunset house by Mcleod Bovell Design, recipients of the Arthur Erickson Memorial Award, is a newly constructed 6,428 square foot house that fronts a steep, rocky terrain, with south facing views reaching as far as Lions Gate Bridge, and private views to the west. With a dynamic urban setting, the residence maintains a village/neighborhood feel that conforms to the Sunset Lane environment. The home’s uniqueness is characterized in how the architects managed to compose the structure around challenging topography.

“Movement into the house is carefully choreographed to disguise the considerable elevation change from street to living space – no individual stair run is greater than 1/2 story.”

– Mcleod Bovell Design

What impresses most about the Sunset property is its impeccable design that deviates from local architectural norms, adopting international flavor from regions such as South America and Southeast Asia, where nature takes precedence in the overall design. The result is a modern and soft appearance using natural materials where possible. From the interior’s board formed concrete and crafted leather poles, to the exterior’s use of wood cladding, natural stone, and variety of greenery, the cohesion of these various elements produces a zen-ful aura.

The connection between the residence’s outdoor areas was crafted to be congruent with its main living areas. Rear glass sliding doors fully open to create a clear opening from the living and dining room to the exterior entertaining areas and infinity pool which is, as if the design wasn’t daring enough, partially suspended 40 feet in the air.

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