Today begins “Phase 3” of Andy Frisella’s 75Hard–a mental fortitude program that spans a year, consisting of a daily regimen, and a tactical guide to winning the war with yourself. The tasks are simple when taken at face value, but it’s the intent and consistency you put into it, which ultimately determines what you get out of it.

While I was initially skeptical when I first heard about 75Hard, I’m always one for new challenges, and looking at the calibre of people behind it, you can’t help but question why you wouldn’t embark down the path if it could improve the quality of your life.

I would be remiss if I didn’t pay it forward by sharing the profound effect it’s had on confidence, self-belief, grit, and stomping the inner bitch voice, in hopes that it does the same for anyone that comes across this and knows deep down, it may be the missing component to optimizing your chances of success, however you define it.

The following templates for the 75Hard program are from Andy’s Instagram stories, and if you don’t know who he is…

“A highly successful entrepreneur, top-ranked podcast host, and speaker who leads the #100to0 movement — men and women of integrity and intensity who want to win big at business and life.”

Daily Rules:

  • Follow a diet
  • No alcohol or cheat meals
  • 2 x 45-minute workouts (one outdoors)
  • 3 critical power list tasks
  • 5 minute cold shower
  • Progress picture
  • 1 gallon of water
  • 10 pages of reading
  • Talk to a stranger
  • 1 random act of kindness

The result thus far speaks for itself, yet is only a physical manifestation of the transformation that happens internally. I hadn’t dropped to 135 lbs. since my competitive days at bantamweight, but with the wealth of knowledge at our disposal, I managed to get there through intermittent fasting, a high-quality diet, and consistent training regimen, all of which I will eventually write about more in detail. I’ve never felt better, and would encourage you to use this program as a means to test yourself and stay on the path.

By Adam Naamani

Real estate specialist, software engineer, and writer based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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