Vanglo House

“Designed to strike a fine balance between simple elegance and engaging playfulness.”

– Oliver Lang

There are exciting development projects under construction in Vancouver, with radical architecture that deviates from traditional run-of-the-mill design, livening up the neighborhoods with their presence. The Vanglo House is an RS zoned property in the Mount Pleasant area that possesses such unique and unconventional design, built with advanced green technology, and a reconfigurable floorplan for future occupants. Located just west of Main Street, this property was listed for $2,228,000, with 1,850 sqft. of gross living area.

The beauty of this home is not only cosmetic. It was built by Vanglo Construction Group to be sustainable through adaptability. Here’s a look at some of the features:

  • KIM (Krystol Internal Membrane) waterproofing mixture in concrete slab
  • 6-14” inches of compact fill
  • 3 inches of EPS Foam under 5” basement slab, insulation value of R12
  • 1″ rigid insulation ontop of slab, between radiant tubes and concrete topping mix
  • Standing Seam metal roof guaranteed for 50 years
  • Sheathed with 5/8’s plywood
  • Synthetic roofing underlayment
  • Triple pane windows
  • Additional glass and airspace for improved insulation and soundproofing

Adam Naamani
Adam Naamani

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