Facade Design Pattern

To make a complex subsystem easier to use, a simple interface should be provided for a set of interfaces in the subsystem.

I am not referring to a facade in the context of the veil of ignorance displayed by our government trying to fix the housing problem they created—but an engineering analogy for how I approach real estate trading services. The facade pattern is a software design pattern that serves as a front-end interface masking more complex underlying structural code.

At the end of the day, we all need a roof over our heads, despite the industry now being mired with more red tape than we can even keep track of. Owning real estate is the most solid form of investment for generational wealth. A way to leverage the system, generate cash flow, and not only achieve financial freedom but most importantly time freedom to spend in ways that are meaningful to you.

It was a conversation with a contact from overseas who wanted to learn about the Canadian real estate market that put this all into perspective—explaining just how heavily regulated the industry has become. I spend thousands of dollars and countless hours aggregating every conceivable source of data to put the power of information into the consumer’s hands. Forging relationships with businesses whose values, ethics, integrity and communication align: lawyers, accountants, inspectors, insurance brokers, mortgage brokers, and our eXp Realty network of over 80,000+ agents around the globe in a cloud-based business model that champions community, inclusion and personal growth.

To serve people that consider housing a necessity, and not just a commodity. It is a significant responsibility to adequately advise prospective homeowners on the ins and outs of the real estate sales cycle. It is imperative to take every bit of information with a grain of salt, use the resources at your disposal, and ultimately think for yourself. I would rather give the shirt off my back than persuade another family to risk their financial well-being based on false narratives and flawed arguments.

Inflation is now at 6.7%. Numbers not seen since 1991. The Bank of Canada saying they won’t raise rates. Then they do. “Trusted” advisors saying real estate values never go down. Until they do. Tread carefully listening to anyone who quite frankly does not have your best interests in mind.

Adam Naamani
Adam Naamani

Real estate specialist, tech entrepreneur, programmer, martial artist.

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